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A. Page fields and details

Campaign Stats

Stats are calculated in Real-Time using the average CPC or CPV entered on the Campaign Setup Page, and conversions are tracked using pixels, postbacks or manual SubID or IP Conversion Updates.


Stats are used to monitor Campaigns on a regular Basis and then Reports are used to put together the “Hard” data to get Exact Spending and Profit metrics to Optimize the Campaign further and more in-depth.

1. Campaign

  • Select a Campaign to View Stats.

2. Date Range / Preset Date Ranges

  • Enter a Date Range or Select a Preset Interval to filter your data

Date Range

3. Edit Campaign

  • Jump to the Edit Campaign page for the Selected Campaign

4. Status

  • You can select if you want to see Active Or Inactive LPs and Offers
    • On the Campaign Setup Page you can mark the LPs or Offers as Active/Inactive

Stats Status

5. Chart View

  • Select your Preferred Chart View.

Stats Chart View

6. Visitor Breakout Stats

  • A quick summary of your Visitors, based on the selected date range and the total percentage of all traffic for each Type of Visitor.
    • Total Visitors - The Total Visitors the campaign has received for the selected date range.
    • Campaign - Number of Visitors who arrived through the Campaign URL.
    • Direct - Number of Visitors who arrived on Pages directly.
    • Mobile - Number of Visitors using Mobile Devices such as Smartphones or Tablets.
    • Blocked - Number of Blocked Visitors based on Active Blocked Traffic Rules.

Stats Visitors Summary

7. Campaign Stats-bar

  • Click and Revenue Metrics are shown here, based on the selected campaign and date range.

Stats Bar

8. # Targets

  • Limits the Number of Targets and Keywords displayed in the Target Performance Section.

9. Quick-View

  • Select a Quick-Stats View from this dropdown menu to quickly jump between any performance reports.

10. Only Alerts

  • Check to Filter the Target Performance Stats to only Targets and Keywords that triggered Alerts based on the Alerts Profile assigned to the Campaign.

11. Export CSV

  • Export all stats in view within the Target Performance Section to a CSV file
  • There is an export to CSV button available for each section on the Stats page

12. View Additional Stats Charts

  • Available in all Stats Performance Sections
  • Click for multiple charts based on each individual Stats section to view top performing keywords, landing pages and offers.

13. Data Options

  • Choose from over 30 Different Data Points to View in the Incoming Visitor Stats.

Data Points

Data Points

14. Filters

  • Drill-Down and Select single or multiple Keywords/Targets, Pages and/or Offers.

15. Performance Stats and Columns

  • Drag-and-Drop Column Titles to Reorder Columns and Arrange the Stats as you prefer. Column Reordering
  • Also, click any Column Title to Sort by the selected Column.


For each campaign type you'll have multiple performance reports, depending on the campaign type to filter and display data for all primary elements of your campaign: Targets/Keywords, Ads, Landing Pages and Offers.

Each section has options available to Export to CSV, View Charts and Select Data Options to View.

Stats Performance reports

B. How to Mark Ads, Keywords/Targets, Pages and Offers as Inactive/Active

You have the option to mark Keywords/Targets, Ads, Pages and Offers as active or inactive directly from the Stats page. Inactive objects will be highlighted in light blue color.

Steps to mark the Keywords/Targets, Ads, Pages and Offers as Active or Inactive:

  • Each row of the data tables from Stats has a checkbox as the first column.
  • Select the checkboxes corresponding to the objects you want to mark as active/inactive
  • Then use the action dropdown just below to the corresponding table to perform a bulk action for the selected objects
  • Click Go

Example 1: Mark Pages as Active/Inactive in the Landing Page Performance Report

Stats Mark Pages as Active

Example 2: Mark Offers as Active/Inactive in the Offers Performance Report

Stats Offer Perfomance

C. Right-Click Contextual Menu for Easy Navigation to Common Options

All data tables feature a right-click menu in order to provide quick access to the most common options.

The menu is available by right-clicking on the following columns:

  • Campaign Name
  • Keyword/Target
  • Page
  • Offer
  • Date/Time
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • State
  • City

The following is a contextual menu for the Keyword/Target column in Stats:

Contextual Menu

Each menu item can open the corresponding page in 2 ways:

  • in the same browser tab by clicking on the menu item text
  • in a new browser tab by clicking on the “+” sign from the right of the menu item

D. Data Points

Within each Performance Section of the Campaign Stats, you’ll have multiple data points available to view depending on the Section.

Simply Check the Data Points to View and you can then Drag-and-Drop all columns to organize the information however you wish.

List of All Available Data Points and the Details for each:

Campaign Data

Data Point Details
ID Campaign, Page or Offer ID
Page Page Name
Page URL URL of Page
Keyword/Target Keyword or Target Passed from the Traffic Source
Ad/Creative Ad Name or ID Passed from the Traffic Source or Manually entered
Offer Offer Name
Offer URL URL of Offer

Clicks and Conversions

Data Point Details
Views /Visitors Number of Views or Visitors
Clicks /LP Clicks Total Clicks / Clicks from Landing Page
CTR /LP CTR Click Through Rate
CPC /LP CPC Cost Per Click / Cost Per Click from Landing Page
Engage% % of Visitors who reached your set Engagement Rate
Conversions Number of Conversions / Sales
CR Conversion Rate
CPA Cost Per Action, also referred to as Cost Per
CPSUB Cost Per Subscriber
Subscribers Total Opt-Ins or Leads
SR Subscriber Rate %

Revenue Data

Data Point Details
Cost Total Cost or Ad Spend
CPV /CPC Cost Per View / Click
Revenue Total Revenue
P/L Profit / Loss
EPV /EPC Earnings Per View / Click
PPV /PPC Profit Per View / Click
eCPM Earnings Per 1000 Impressions
ROI Return on Investment
AOV Average Order Value = Revenue / Conversions


Data Point Details
Referrer-Domain The referring domain of the visitor
Referrer-Page The referring page of the visitor
Category Referrer Category

Time & Day

Data Point Details
Day Day of the Click or Conversion
Hour Time of the Click or Conversion

Mobile Browser

Data Point Details
Browser Device Browser
Browser Version Device Browser Version
Browser Language Header The preferred language passed by visitors’ browsers
Cookie Support Does the Browser Support Cookies
3rd Party Cookies Does the Browser Support 3rd Party Cookies (such as Retargeting Cookies)
Embedded Video Does the Browser Support Embedded Video Playback
IFrames Support Does the Browser Support iFrames
Javascript Support Does the Browser Support Javascript

Content Support

Data Point Details
Click to Call Does the Device Support Click to Call
Flash Support Is Flash Supported on the Device
FLV Playback Does the Device Support FLV Video Playback
MOV Playback Does the Device Support MOV Video Playback
MP4 Playback Does the Device Support MP4 Video Playback
PDF Support Does the Device have Native PDF Support
Receive MMS Can the Device Receive MMS Messages
Receive PUSH Can the Device Receive PUSH Messages
Receive SMS Can the Device Receive SMS Messages
RSS Reader Does the Device have a Native RSS Reader

Device Info

Data Point Details
Brand Device Brand (ex. Samsung, Apple)
Data Rate Device Data Rate Speed
Device Model Device Model Number (ex. GT-I9100 or XT984)
Device Name Name of the Device (ex. Galaxy S)
Device Type The Type of Device…Computer, Phone, Tablet, SmartTV
ISP/Carrier The Internet Service Provider or Mobile Carrier (ex. Tmobile, Verizon)
Market Name The Commonly Used Name of the Device (ex. Galaxy S III)
OS Device Operating System
OS Version Device Operating System Version
Screen Resolution Device Screen Resolution
Screen Size Device Screen Size
Wifi Support Does the Device Support Wifi

Device Usage

Data Point Details
Dual Orientation Can the Display be switched from vertical to horizontal
Phone # Support Does the Device Support a Phone Number and Calls
Pointing Method Type of Pointing Method the Device uses, such as Touch, Clickwheel, etc.
QWERTY Keyboard Does the Device have a QWERTY Keyboard

Find more details in the video below:

Video Tutorial explaining Campaign Stats in CPV Lab (opens new window)

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