Microsoft Ads API integration in CPV Lab | CPV One

Steps required in order to setup the Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Integration:

1. Go to API integrations page

2. Click New integration

  • Click to add the new integration on the Microsoft Bing Ads image:

New Bing Ads integration

3. Microsoft Login

  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft website and ask to login in order to allow the integration. Enter your Microsoft Advertising login details in the box below:

 Microsoft Bing Ads credentials

4. Confirm the integration

  • Next confirm the integration and click on the “Yes” button in the window that appears after login.
  • Make sure that the application name is “CPV Lab Pro Integration” and that the logo is correct.

 Microsoft Bing Ads confirm integration

5. Verify that the integration is saved

  • Once this is complete, you will be redirected back to your CPV Lab Pro instance where you will see that the integration has been setup.

 Microsoft Bing Ads API integration setup

6. Integration Status

  • By default the integration is set to “Active” and to Synchronize Costs and Pass Conversions. You should leave all these checked in order to take advantage of all the Bing integration features.


Important: You need to enter the Developer Key found in your Bing Ads account in the “Developer Key” textbox, then save the page.

Login as Admin in Bing Ads

  • Login as Admin in your Bing Ads account here:

Get Developer Token

  • Then go to:
  • Choose the user that you want associated with the developer token
  • Click on the Request Token button
  • You will get a token (like 110RN1QBIV968075) which needs to be entered in the API Integrations page:

 Microsoft Bing Ads API integration developer token

7. Setup Cron Job

  • Setup a CRON job that will run the actual integration like this:
    • Frequency: once per hour
    • Command: cd /home/<server-name>/public_html/; php cron-api-integrations.php
  • Now the setup is complete and the CRON job will automatically synchronize CPC values for each keyword once per hour.

Additional Notes

Same Campaign Name

  • Campaigns are matched between the tracker and your Bing Ads account based on their name.
  • So make sure that you set the same campaign name both in CPV Lab Pro and Bing Ads in order to match the campaign.
  • If needed, you can change the campaign name in CPV Lab Pro using the campaign setup page.

Number of matched campaigns

  • You can see the number of matched campaigns and imported keywords in the API integrations page by clicking on the Details button next to your already created integration:

     Microsoft Bing Ads API matched campaigns

Pass Conversions to Microsoft (Bing) Ads

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Last Updated: 10/11/2023, 10:35:00 AM