Multiple Option Campaign Setup

To setup a Multiple Option Campaign you need to follow the steps below: Multiple Option General Settings

Step 1. Setup the General Settings

Multiple Option General Settings

  • provide the name for your campaign
  • The tracking domain (it can be your current tracker domain or any other custom tracking domain)
  • Hide "Inactive/Unused" - will hide from your campaign setup page the Landing Pages or the Offers that you mark as Inactive.

Step 2. Setup your Tracking Settings

Multiple Option General Settings

  • Select the Data Options you want to capture in your campaign: Computer Data, Geo Data, ISP/Carriers, Mobile Data, Referrers, Browser Language Header, Computer resolution, User Agent.

  • Select the Redirect type:

    • Direct Redirect – sends referrer
    • Double Meta Refresh – hides referrer
    • Redirect Loop – hides referrer
  • GDPR tracking settings

    • if you run your campaign in European Union, then you probably don't want to capture IP address so you can follow the GDPR regualtions
    • Same applies for CCPA regulations

Step 3. Select your Traffic Source

Multiple Option traffic source

  • Select your Traffic Source and the tokens for that Traffic Source will be available to be selected.
  • Choose the tokens you need to be tracked in your campaign


If the traffic source is not in the list, go to Sources -> Traffic sources and import that traffic source from the catalog

Step 4. Enter your Landing Pages

  • Enter a Name and URL for each Landing Page
  • Each page has a unique ID. You can change the unique numeric ID for each landing page in the Campaign if you want to. We recommend to keep it default.
  • Set the Share% for each LP. Total Share% must add up to 100%
  • You can add more Landing Pages by clicking the "Add Landing Page" Button

Multi option Landing Pages



  • For each Landing Page URL you can pick the tokens to be added by selecting them from the Easy Tokens Menu
  • Make sure you first add the parameter name to the URL followed by the "=" sign

Step 5. Enter your Offers / Options

  • Select a predefined offer (or you can manually add one)
  • Make sure the Offer URL has the {!subid!} parameter at the end
    • each Affiliate network has it's own parameters. Get the right one for your selected offer source!
    • Affiliate network specific subid parameter
  • Make sure you Enter the Conversion Payout
  • Set the shares for each Option group. Each Option group must add up to 100%

Add Offer



  • For each Offer URL you can pick the tokens to be added by selecting them from the Easy Tokens Menu
  • Make sure you first add the parameter name to the URL followed by the "=" sign
  • You can also predefine offers on the Offer Management and select them in multiple campaigns (recommended!)
  • At the end of the Offer section you will have 2 buttons:
    • Add Offer - to add a new offer to the last Option
    • Add Option - to add a new Option section (which includes by default 4 Offers)

Offer buttons

Step 6. Save Campaign

  • Click the "Save Campaign" button

Save Campaign

You will find all your samples (links and pixels) in the "Links & Pixles" section of your Campaign.

Links And Pixels

  • a) Place your Pixel for the Offer at your Affiliate / CPA Network

  • b) Code your links to the offer/s on your landing pages using the Step 1 link code

    • Replace XXX in the url with the Option number you want to link to
    • Example:
  • c) Enter the Step 2 Code directly above the closing body tag </body> on each of your landing pages.

  • You can find Pixel Samples in the "Links & Pixels" section of your campaign:

Tracking Pixel

Step 8. Set the Redirect Profiles for your campaign (Optional)

Redirect Profile Campaign

  • You can set up Redirect Profiles on the Campaign Setup page or on the Redirect Profile page. The setup is the same in both locations.

Simple campaign flow diagram:

Simple campaign flow diagram

Find more details in the video below:

Video Tutorial for setting up your first CPV Lab Pro campaign (opens new window)

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